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Susan Hull Bostwick
Chairman of the Board
Church of Divine Man
Type of Business: Intuitive teaching center
Major Products and Services: Intuitive teaching services, including seminars, workshops; CDs, DVDs.
Marketing Area: International
Years in Position: 19
Years in Profession: 40
Day-to-Day Responsibilities: 2011-2012: Restructuring the church organization; 2012: Meditation, Dream Building; Practical Procrastination and Spiritual Renewal; 2013: Consulting with church leaders; Operating an affiliate organization: Act Intuitive
Expertise: Inspirational Speaker; Growing transformational programs within organizations; Teaching and helping people; developing curriculum teaching intuitive tools.
Educational Background: Doctor of Divinity, Church of Divine Man; Bachelor's Degree in Journalism, San Francisco State University; Teaching Credential, San Francisco State University
Philanthropy: Associate Member of the Board, Russian River Fly Fishers; mentor to women fly fishers. Volunteer Chairman of Board Church of Divine Man; Volunteer Consulting with spiritual leaders-Church of Divine Healing.
What do you attribute your success to? She attributes her success to meditation practice and practical application of Psychic tools learned at the Berkeley Psychic Institute; Family life experience instilled work values; perseverance, ability to dream and manifest the dream; sensitivity to energy and innate compassion for others.
How did you get involved in your profession? She became involved in her profession when she was an elementary school teacher and also held a degree in Journalism, but she wanted to look into establishing a different way to teach.
Where will you be in five years? In the coming years her dream is to establish intuitive tools in business practices; inspire spirituality in businesses by working with owners, administrators and executives.
Hobbies/Interests/Sports: Fly-fishing; playing with grandchildren
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